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We, the Austria Guides For Future®, provide you with multi-faceted tours on the topics of climate protection, the environment, sustainability and culture in Vienna. Away from mass tourism, we will be on the trail of everything that makes Vienna greener, cooler and livelier: the green facades as well as the colorful street art walls, the cool streets and the solar roofs on historic houses, the community gardens in the densely built-up urban area and the wooden residential buildings in the urban Seestadt (lakeside). Together we will get to the bottom of the challenges of climate change. This includes taking a look into the past, telling the history of the district and illuminating historical (urban) developments in order to better understand the current situation. And, of course, we will show you selected climate protection projects and inspiring community initiatives that demonstrate how we are already working towards a more sustainable, socially and ecologically just future. We rely on climate-friendly mobility for all our tours. We will travel on foot, by bike and/or by public transport.

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Guided tours through Vienna as a city of culture and climate protection

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Didn’t find anything suitable among the tours? A special topic request? Combine two tours? Combine a walk with a visit to the museum? No problem at all! We would be delighted to arrange an entirely individual tour for you on request.


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