A tour on the topic of climate mitigation and adaptation in the city center of Vienna

As we traverse Vienna's city center, we focus on climate-friendly measures.


Floating gardens
District cooling center Schottenring
Herrengasse pedestrian zone
Rotenturmstrasse promenade
Vienna City Ship Station

Since October 2020, the “Floating Gardens”, an approximately 1500 m² park on the Danube Canal designed by Carla Lo, are open to the public. Our tour starts there, directly above the former Imperial Canal Lock.

At the Ringturm we see a charging station for the e-buses of the city lines 2A and 3A. Will all Wiener Linien buses soon switch to electric operation? What does the future of mobility in Vienna look like?

Close by is the Schottenring district cooling center, which is cooled by water from the Danube Canal. At Börseplatz we see magnificent plane trees that provide shade. Can these trees face climate change? In the nearby Börsegasse, a Cool Street will open during the summer months. The agenda group “Sommerfrische im Zentrum” has the starting point of its “Green Route” through the city center there.

In Herrengasse, on Graben and on Stephansplatz we find large sealed areas: What can you do there against the great heat in the summer? Can the tour guides and their guests expect a cool breeze on future cultural walks through Vienna’s city center?

We take a look at the recent reconstruction work on the Rotenturmstrasse promenade. A construction site is soon to become Schwedenplatz: What climate-friendly conversion measures are planned? Which of these measures are sustainable?

The walk concludes with the theme of navigation on the Danube Canal. What climate adaptation measures can be expected from the tour ships anchored there and the Twin City Liner?

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