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We are an association of state-certified Austria Guides who would like to make a contribution to environmental and climate protection through our activities. As Austria Guides, we know a lot about what was and what is. But as Austria Guides For Future® we are particularly interested in what will be. We expand our knowledge in cooperation with experts and are in dialogue with institutions and initiatives that are active in environmental and climate protection. Instead of spreading disaster scenarios, we would like to raise awareness for future-oriented developments in Vienna and beyond in a creative and interactive way on our tours. For us, k.u.k. doesn’t stand for King and Kaiser, but first and foremost Kultur and Klima (with the accent on climate protection). Of course, we always take a look at the past and emperors and kings play a role in this as well. Because much of what is so relevant today was already important in the past. The supply of the population, the handling of resources, the distribution of goods, mobility and much more. We pick up where we left off and think ahead.

Austria Guides For Future Tour Guide Eveleyne Dengler-Mahe

Evelyne Dengler-Mahé

Tours in French, German, English, Italian
Austria Guides For Future Tour Guide Alessandra Bruchietti

Alessandra Brucchietti

Tours in Italian, English, German
Austria Guides For Future Tour Guide Selin Altan Huber

Güzide Selin Altan Huber

Tours in Turkish, German, English
Austria Guides For Future Tour Guide Elke Papp

Elke Papp

Tours in German, English, French
Austria Guides For Future Tour Guide Marko Iljic

Marko Iljić

Tours in German, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, English
Austria Guides For Future Cristina-Estera Klein

Cristina-Estera Klein

Tours in German, Spanish, English

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