The growing city


A guided walk around the main station on the topic of sustainable urban development

On this tour, we explore old and new neighborhoods around the main train station and look at historical and current urban developments from a sustainability perspective.


Swiss garden
Arsenal Bridge
Neighborhood houses in the Sonnwendviertel
Facade greening with BeRTA module
Redesigned Reumann Square

On this tour we explore the lively interplay of historic districts and new neighborhoods in Vienna. The city encounters us as one that is constantly in the process of becoming and growing. In doing so, we look at different phases of urban development in Vienna over time  and ask ourselves the central question of which developments make the city more pleasant and livable in the long term.

From the Belvedere quarter to the Schweizer Garten and the Arsenal to the new Sonnwendviertel, which is still partly under construction, the walk takes us further into Inner-Favoriten to Reumannplatz. In the process, we draw an arc around the main station. It was built on the site of the historic South and East Railway Stations, which were the first central impetus for urban development in this area back in the days of the monarchy. A particularly good view of the station area opens up to us at the Arsenal footbridge, which recently connected the third and tenth districts of Vienna and whose use is reserved exclusively for cyclists and pedestrians. 

In the Sonnwendviertel, we are looking specifically at building groups and neighborhood houses and the added value they create for the neighborhood beyond their building site. We also take a closer look at the Bloch-Bauer Promenade and its climate-friendly concept. In Inner-Favoriten we discover one of the first historical greening projects of the city of Vienna with social housing, but also current measures to create a more pleasant urban climate in this area.

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