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Consumption and sustainability in Vienna

Let's walk together through the 7th and 8th district of Vienna and think about our consumer behavior.


Community Gardens
Zero packaging stores
Sausage stand with organic seal of approval

In recent decades, people’s approach to different forms of consumption has changed significantly around the world, especially in Europe.

Perceptions of goods as part of social life are becoming more prevalent, and the social, political, and ethical significance of our consumption patterns are being revealed from multiple angles. At the same time as a change in values, an attempt to create a renewed and conscious culture of mindfulness has been emerging for several years.

Ethical consumption is considered as a particular type of decision-making in the context of daily consumption, which is implemented by morally minded actors*.

But where does consumption even begin and what criteria can be used to distinguish sustainable consumption? What are the possibilities of sustainable living in a capital city like Vienna?

On this walk we will talk together about these issues, and discover examples of different forms of sustainability in the city.

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