On a discovery tour through Vienna's newest and most dynamic district

Together we will take a look at the innovative, climate-friendly measures in the Seestadt Aspern, currently one of the largest urban development projects in Europe.


Wooden skyscraper Vienna
Community Gardens
Slim City

U2 metro station Seestadt (exit Seestadtstraße)

Hannah Arendt Park

The Seestadt Aspern is currently one of the largest urban development projects in Europe. On an area similar to that of the 1st district, Vienna’s newest district will be created for 20,000 residents by 2030. However, it is not the size alone that makes Seestadt special, but the innovative, resource-saving and climate-friendly approach to modern urban development.

On this relaxed walk we will see concrete implementations of various ideas and community projects on living and housing.

Along the way, we’ll stroll past the world’s second-tallest wooden skyscraper, explore various community gardens, and meander through the alleyways of Slim City. We take a closer look at the eponymous lake as a city center and recreation area.

Even though the Seestadt is still in its infancy, street names in particular invite you to take a little trip back in time: Streets and squares were mainly named after outstanding women in Austrian history. They also become visible on our discovery tour.

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