We are committed to seven principles

As Austria Guides For Future we are an alliance of Fridays For Future Austria and support the movement and its goals on a regional, national and global level. To this end, we have formulated our own principles in accordance with our self-image and field of activity as tour guides. We are committed to these seven principles. 1. Through our climate-friendly, creative city tours we contribute as educators to raise awareness for a climate-friendly future. 2. We are committed to meeting the 1.5° target of the Paris Climate Agreement and to global climate justice. 3. We are continually working to reshape our profession by identifying new areas of opportunity. 4. We engage in constructive dialogue with guests, experts and decision-makers. 5. We are committed to climate-friendly mobility. 6. We strive for the obligatory inclusion of climate protection topics in the training and further education of Austria Guides. 7. We are self-organized and politically independent.


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