Güzide Selin Altan Huber

Austria Guide and Business Information Specialist
Tours in Turkish, German and English

I was born in 1983 in Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from high school I made my way to Vienna to study business informatics at the Vienna University of Technology. Thus I have been living in Vienna since October 2002, meanwhile happily married and with a child. In addition to my self-employment as a tourist guide, I work for a large Austrian corporation as a test manager in software development and I am a volunteer at the district museum in the 15th district.

I started guide training in 2018 and completed it in October 2019. I am interested in the history of the city and enjoy the fascination on the faces of my guests—young and old— when I guide them through the city and passionately tell my stories.

I have been spending my summer vacations on my grandpa’s sailboat (and now my dad’s boat) since I was a kid. This is how I became aware of the environment, its problems and climate protection as a small child. I was able to swim in the sea as a small child right in the big city, but a few years later I was unable to do so as a schoolchild. This made me aware of the problem as early as the 1980s. I am therefore all the more pleased to be part of this group, so that I can make my contribution to the environment and climate protection.


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