I was born on 2 November 1962 in Brčko, Bosnia-Herzegovina. My parents emigrated with me to Croatia as early as 1963 and finally settled in Vienna as a “guest worker family” in 1972. I completed my school education in Vienna from the 3rd grade onwards and my studies in geography at the University of Vienna in 1990. Since 1990 I have been working as a social manager and district worker for the Wiener Hilfswerk (Wiener Hilfswerk is a social service organization and operates social, socio-medical and socio-educational facilities). I started training to become a state-certified guide in 2017 in order to pass the required three parts of the qualifying exam by 30 April 2019. As a self-employed Austria Guide, I have a wide portfolio of guided city walks, bike tours and bus tours to offer. I conduct my tours in German, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian or English.

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