Evelyne Dengler-Mahé

Austria Guide and Translator
Tours in French, German, English and Italian

A native Breton and tireless world traveler, I was successively trained as a translator, healer, foreign language teacher and finally Austria Guide. These fields of activity have in common my role as a “passer” between languages, countries, cultures and world views as well as between past, present and future. Therefore, when it comes to history, I am interested in the key periods when new currents in art and culture emerge and the human spirit becomes awake and creative once again, as in the Secession or Red Vienna. My interests include medicine and the representation of women and children in painting and the visual arts.

Due to the years I have spent in West Africa, Russia and China, I have become painfully aware of the effects of climate change but also of soil sealing and the desertification of cities. I know what it means when someone can’t see the sky for months, has to stand in line to admire the cherry blossoms, or has to live in an acoustically unbearable concrete desert and, above all, has no access to drinking water. Out of this came my commitment to work as a tour guide for our common future on this planet, as part of the fight for climate protection and climate justice.

More information at http://www.viennelabelle.at/


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