Cristina-Estera Klein

Austria Guide and Communication Scientist
Tours in German, Spanish and English

The Storyteller

My name is Cristina-Estera Klein, I am a state-certified Austria Guide and have been living in Vienna for over ten years. I grew up in the west of Austria, surrounded by mountains and came to Vienna to study. I was immediately captivated by the city.

On my tours I would like to introduce my guests to Vienna, the city that constantly fascinates me anew, in its different facets, colors and moods. My studies of journalism and communication science as well as Romance studies and history in combination with my interest in art, music and cultures provide me with a good basis for my work.

I view my work first and foremost as story telling. For me, this means making the past visible for a moment by means of narrated history and stimulating laughter, amazement or reflection through stories.

The dream of the urban jungle

However, I am not just interested in conveying the past. During my walks, I also attach great importance to giving my guests an insight and a feeling of what it means to live in Vienna here and now. Who are the inhabitants of this city? What different cultures can be found here? What makes Vienna a city worth living in? What challenges do Viennese people have to face?

As part of the Austria Guides For Future, I am now also taking a step further and consciously taking a look into the future. What does the city we want to live in tomorrow look like? This future is both socially and environmentally just. Nature is given generous space as it has become a central part of urban development as green and blue infrastructure. Urban heat islands are no more than a dark memory from times past. Public space is made for people, inviting them to linger and meet, rather than servicing cars.  Quality housing is affordable for all, energy efficient and adapted to different demographics and lifestyles.

How can this utopia become reality? In my city walks, I point out specific ideas, projects and measures in Vienna that are already building a more socially and ecologically just future. At the same time, we look not only at the actions of the public authorities, but especially at inspiring community projects.

Other topics

In addition to tours on climate protection, environment and urban development, I like to conduct tours in the city on political (remembrance) cultures, women’s history and art in public space.


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